TNE technology High Speed Rotor

A stable, high-speed rotor design.

Robust Rotor Design
  • By applying a rotor structure with dynamic stability in a wide range of rotational speeds, it is easy to realize the optimal performance of the air end.
  • Directly driven by a high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) (maximum 100,000 RPM)
  • Application of rotor integrated air bearing design for structural safety at high speed.
  • Securing the reliability of the rotor structure through the application of professional structural analysis techniques for aerospace.
    • 1. Rotor Dynamics Design – Risk Speed Analysis, Unbalanced Response Analysis
    • 2. Structural Analysis – Stress Analysis, Life Analysis
    • 3. Vibration Analysis – High cycle fatigue analysis of the curse, fatigue analysis

High Speed Rotator Structure/Vibration Design

  • Rotor Dynamics Design: Critical Speed, Unbalanced Response Analysis
  • Structural design: Stress Analysis, Life Analysis
  • Vibration design: High Cycle Fatigue, Low Cycle Fatigue

Rotordynamic Analysis with HSM

Rotordynamic Analysis with Integral-geared Compressor

Stress Analysis of HSM

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