TNE technology Magnetic Bearing

Operating Principle

  • With the same principle as a magnetic levitation train, a rotating object is fully levitated and supported by magnetic force.
  • Bearing without noise/vibration due to non-contact or friction, and unnecessary lubricants.
  • Smart bearing for real-time vibration/load monitoring and coping with dangerous situations.
  • Due to its high load support at low speeds, it is mainly applied to the rotating shaft of a large turbo machine.

The structure of magnetic bearing

TNE Magnetic Bearing Features

  • Support the rotor with electromagnetic force at low speed and high speed.
  • Control Vibration due to imbalance in high-speed rotors over 150,000 RPM.
  • It consists of electromagnets and permanent magnets, so the size of the bearing is small.
  • The bearing has low energy loss due to the addition of permanent magnets.
  • Bias current not required.
  • Securing economic feasibility and stability by reducing the number of current drivers.
  • Apply it to a positive pressure and high-speed turbo blower.

Thrust magnetic bearing

Journal magnetic bearing

High-speed turbo blower with TNE magnetic bearing