TNE technology Hydrogen Electric Vehicle


Product Feature

Air compressor supplies oxygen to fuel cell stack for FCEV(Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle). It is developed by patented TNE turbo technologies of air foil bearing, centrifugal compressor, high speed PM motor, specific cooling design, stress & vibration proof design complying requirements from automobile industry. It is compact and light that can be applied for passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles. TNE started the development of air compressor in 2018 and has been active in Chinese market since 2019. TNE also made a contract for supplying air foil bearing for a major Japanese company in 2020. In 2021, TNE working on the air compressor development program for next generation FCEV in Korea.
It has configurations of single stage and two stage centrifugal compressor with specific features as below.

  • High Efficiency, Oil-Free, High Endurance
  • Motor : 8~30kW
  • Pressure : ~200kPaG
  • Rotor Speed : 70~120kRPM
  • Water cooled
  • Speed Control : Sensorless PWM Vector Control by VFD
  • Power Supply : 450 ~ 750Vdc
  • IP 67
  • Patents : Air Foil Bearing, Cooling Design
Air compressor for HEV model

Air compressor for HEV model