About TNE

TNE technology Company overview


TNE provides comprehensive energy savings and new renewable energy solutions using professional high-speed turbo technology derived from aerospace industry.

TNE is committed to providing compact, affordable, robust, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient gear-less turbo blowers for energy savings in various industry.

TNE is preparing for the future eco-friendly and renewable energy era through the development of various innovative products and technologies such as hydrogen fuel cell air compressors, refrigerant-free air cycle turbo heat-pump etc.

With the reliable and innovative products and value engineering services, TNE is continually innovating and striving for the next generation of happiness and prosperity by conserving global resources and protecting the environment

Management ideology


In order to preserve the environment and save energy, TNE Continues to innovate and challenge against new technology.


Pursuing the growth and happiness of individual employees, It aims to be an honest company that takes people and environment as first matter.


Pursue joint prosperity for a better future with all business partners.