TNE technology High Speed Motor / Inverter

High Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

High-sped PMSM
  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor: Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
  • Speed: 10,000 to 200,000 RPM
  • Motor output: 2kW to 300kW
  • Motor stator: Distributed winding, Concentrated winding
Saturation Magnetization

Saturation Magnetization



Air-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor

Water Cooled
Frame M0 MA MB MC
kW 8 11 15 23
Max RPM 98,000 82,000 110,000 110,000
Air Cooled
Frame MF MG MX MY M0
kW 0.1 0.2 3 5 8
Max RPM 200,000 180,000 75,000 43,000 86,000
Air Cooled
Frame M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7
kW 18 37 75 115 150 230 300
Max RPM 86,000 60,000 42,000 34,000 30,000 24,500 21,000

Rotor integrated permanent magnet Applied.

  • The selective combination with the air-end module considering installation environmental conditions such as outdoor temperature and pressure provides optimal cost-effectiveness.
  • A wide range of speeds without deteriorating motor performance compared to induction motors.
Characteristics by motor type

Characteristics by motor type

High speed motor speed control.

High-sped Motor Speed Control
  • A wide range of flow and pressure can be adjusted by applying a high-speed motor inverter.
  • Independent inverter module design enables rapid problem solving and maintenance.
  • The verified closed loop vector control enables stable operation under various field conditions.
  • In the case of small high-speed motors (MF, MG), economic feasibility and convenience are provided by providing a motor-integrated inverter.
  • Applicable to various OTS products (M0 to M7)
3kW 5kW 11kW
Control method Sensorless Vector Control
Maximum speed 75,000 43,000 100,000
Switching frequency ~ 20kHz
Cooling method Air Cooled Air Cooled Water Cooled
Input power 250~450Vdc
단상 220Vac
단상 220Vac
Communication specification Modbus RTU
CAN 2.0B
CAN 2.0B

Turbo Machine Control

Turbo Machine Control
  • Equipment can be monitored by providing various information such as pressure, flow rate, speed, power, temperature, and pressure.
  • Various control mode options provided – speed control, pressure control, flow control, DO control, power control
  • 7-inch or 10-inch touch screen
  • Provides compatibility with on-site systems by providing various types of communication options
    • – Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Profinet, Profibus etc
    • – Digital Input/Output, Analog Input/Output