TNE technology Water Industry / Energy Saving

Water Industry/Energy Saving

Eco-friendly, high-speed turbo blower to save energy in the environmental water industry.

High-efficiency machine and equipments necessary for various industrial sites.

Key Applications In various industries,
To meet the need to save energy,

Replace the existing low efficiency machine.
Through standardization and mass production,
Popularization of energy-saving equipment.
  • Air bearing/Magnetic bearing.
  • Air supply for hot air tank/fire extinguisher/filter washing.
  • Applied to various water treatment methods such as active sludge/MBR/MBBR.
  • Air knife for cooling/washing/drying high-speed turboblower for pneumatic transfer.
  • An oil-free turbo blower that requires air.
  • A turbo compressor for industrial processes that requires high reliability.