TNE technology Air Bearing

Principle of operation

  • The air in the gap between the rotary shaft and the air bearing foil structure moves with the rotation of the shaft by viscosity to support the rotary shaft at a pressure generated according to the aerodynamic principle.
Operation Principle of Air Bearing

Operation Principle of Air Bearing

Air Bearing Operating Process

Air Bearing Operating Process

Key Design Factor

  • For reliable air bearing performance, it is important to determine the precision of the surface where the rotary shaft contacts the bearing, the anti-wear coating applied to the foil structure, and the appropriate bearing gap

Core Design Factor which affects Air-bearing Performance

TNE Air Bearing

  • Perfect oil-free bearing that provides clean air.
  • Secure quality consistency and reliability of final products by designing and applying bearings suitable for mass production processes, secure life and stability of products through manufacturing excluding special welding (acquired patents in Korea, the United States, China, and Japan).
  • Bearing load design that can be operated at an outlet pressure without load.
  • Improve the quality control level of turbo blowers by checking the quality of a single product module.
  • Select and apply the optimal bearing size considering the operatable spinning range.
  • Secure bearing stability by applying "stability parameter" during product design.

Bearing safety factor

  • TNE airfoil air bearing undergoes 120,000 on/off tests.
The condition of rotation axis and Bearing after the durability test.

The condition of rotation axis and Bearing after the durability test.